Presentation of SOG

SOG is the International Political Science Association's ‘Research Committee on Structure and Organization of Government’ (RC 27) and the sponsor of ‘Governance’.

The Research Committee's primary focus is the comparative study of executive branches, their changing roles in public policy making and the various dimensions of executive politics. At the centre of this focus are the dynamics of public bureaucracies, their relations with political executives and interests in civil societies and their contributions to the design and implementation of public policies. In the widest sense, the activities of SOG include the study of government, governance, public administration, public management and regulation with a large variety of methods and theoretical perspectives.

SOG organizes at least one international conference a year, gathering researchers from many areas and disciplines and from various parts of the academic world in political science, public administration and sociology. SOG provides valuable opportunities for disseminating research, excellent networks to exchange views among leading researchers and potential opportunities for future research co-operation.

SOG  hopes to bring new people into our activities, from PhD students to senior academics and practitioners.  All those interested in the broad fields of public administration, public management and political science are welcome.

By joining SOG, you will be connected to one of the world’s largest networks of scholars and practitioners with similar interests.


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