The Ulrich Kloeti Award 2012 to Bert Rockman and Graham Wilson

Bert RockmanGraham WilsonThe Ulrich Kloeti Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Study of Public Policy, Administration, and Institutions is presented annually to a scholar who has made exceptional contributions to research in the field through a sustained career. Awardees must have involved themselves significantly within SOG -- both with respect to research and leadership. The Kloeti award is given in honor of Ulrich Kloeti, a founding member of SOG and its co-chair for ten years.

The board of SOG has given the 2012 Ulrich Kloeti Award to Professor Bert Rockman, Pudue University and Professor Graham Wilson, Boston Univesity.  They are awarded simultaneously because it is virtually impossible to distinguish their records.  That is, their contributions to SOG are identical--they both have influenced the discipline immensely through their own research, have been greatly involved in our group from the beginning, and served as editors of Governance.  During the time that they edited the journal, it was ranked the best journal in public administration in two years, 2002 and 2004. We have been exceedingly fortunate to have Bert and Graham as colleagues and they will be excellent examples of what SOG hopes to achieve.