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SOG/RC27 activities during the IPSA World Congress 2014

Panels in RC27 Structure and Organization of Government – IPSA World Congress 2014, Montreal,
Québec, Canada



The Moral and Ethical Implications of Accountability: Theory and Practice
Chair: Dr. Paola Mattei

Palais des congrès - 515b
Sunday, July 20th - 11:00-12:45


  • Accountability and Flexibility in Measuring Financial Performance in the English NHS
    Prof. John Forker
  • On the Ethical Foundations of Accountable Governance
    Prof. Melvin Dubnick
  • Support or Control? The Janus-Faced Character of Labor Market Services in Germany
    Dr. Peter Kupka, Mr. Christopher Osiander
  • The Crisis of Transplant Medicine in Germany and the US: Ethical and Moral Implications of New Accountability Structures
    Prof. Paola Mattei

Greasy Poles towards Queasy Roles? The Politics of Selection at the Top of Ministerial Bureaucracies
Chair: Dr. Julia Fleischer
Co-Chair: Dr. Matthew Kerby

Palais des congrès - 515b
Sunday, July 20th - 15:00-16:45


  • Political Sack or Personal Loyalty? The Background of the Highly Politicized Senior Civil Service in Hungary
    Dr. Eva Vanyi
  • The Recruitment and Political Careers of Spanish Junior Ministers
    Dr. Juan Rodríguez Teruel, Mr. José Real-Dato
  • Top Political and Administrative Elites in Canadian Provincial Ministerial Bureaucracies
    Dr. Christopher Dunn
  • Which Career Paths? The Factors behInd Mobility and Advancement in the European Commission
    Dr. Sara Connolly, Prof. Hussein Kassim

Local Institutions and Participation in Urban Settings
Chair: Prof. Antonio Tavares
Co-Chair: Prof. Jefferey Sellers
Discussants: Prof. Jered Carr

Palais des congrès - 514a
Monday, July 21st - 9:00-10:45


  • Is Taking the Party out of Politics Good for Democracy? Local Level Comparisons of Urban Political Landscapes in South Korea
    Prof. Jered Carr, Prof. Jill Tao
  • Local Governance and New Institutionalism: An Overview of Latin American Decentralization Reforms
    Prof. José Hernández-Bonivento
  • Local Institutions and Civic Organization in the Developed and Developing Worlds
    Prof. Jefferey Sellers
  • Size, Density and Small Scale Elections: A Multilevel Analysis of Voter Turnout in Subcity Governments
    Prof. Antonio Tavares, Prof. Jered Carr
  • Who Governs? Power in a Local Russian Community
    Prof. Valeri Ledyaev

The Study of the Structure of Government: A Field in Search of a New Agenda?
Chair: Prof. Martin Lodge
Co-Chair:Dr. Philippe Bezes
Discussants: Prof. Colin Campbell

Palais des congrès - 521b
Tuesday, July 22nd - 13:00-14:45


  • The Missing Piece in Public Administration Scholarship: Large Forces and Administrative Development
    Dr. Alasdair Roberts
  • Crisis and Public Management: The Strange Survival of Risk-based Regulation
    Prof. Martin Lodge
  • Re-embedding Managerialism in Macro-political and Economic Dynamics: A Tentative Revisiting of Weberian Perspectives
    Dr. Philippe Bezes
  • Coalition Governments and Political Timing under Presidential Rule: Evidencing Interactions from the Latin American Experience
    Dr. Adrián Albala

The Reciprocal Influence of Policies and Administrative Networks (Joint panel RC27/RC30)
Chair: Dr. Eva Ruffing
Co-Chair: Prof. Eva G. Heidbreder
Discussants: Dr. Per Lægreid

Palais des congrès - 513c
Tuesday, July 22nd - 13:00-14:45


  • Coordinating EU-Affairs in German Ministries: “Hardware” changes for Efficient Negotiations with Brussels
    Miss Christina Lichtmannegger
  • Mending the Hole in Multilevel Policy Design and Enforcement: Trans-border Labour Inspection and Administrative Cooperation
    Prof. Miriam Hartlapp, Prof. Eva G. Heidbreder
  • The European Competition Network at Ten: Development, Operation and Impact
    Prof. Hussein Kassim, Dr. Kathryn Wright
  • The Janus Face of Agency Autonomy in the European Union
    Dr. Eva Ruffing

Analysing International Transfers from the Inside: Public Administration Reforms in Post-communist Europe
Chair: Dr. Magdaléna Hadjiisky
Co-Chair: Dr. Valérie Lozach
Discussants: Dr. Leslie Pal

Palais des congrès - 521b
Tuesday, July 22nd - 15:00-16:45


  • Exploring the Influence of the European Union on Domestic Change: The Diffusion of Food Safety Standards in Post-Soviet Countries
    Dr. Laure Delcour
  • For a Sociology of the International Circulation of Ideas: How Post-Communist Public Administrations Respond to Management Doctrines
    Dr. Magdaléna Hadjiisky
  • Lost in Translation? External Actors and the Double Challenge of Public Sector Reform in Eastern Europe
    Dr. Andrej Stuchlik, Dr. Aron Buzogany
  • Quality Transition: Re-Forming Standards and Quality Assurance in Post-Communist Europe
    Dr. Barbara Lehmbruch
  • The Reception of International Transfers at the Domestic Level: The Examples of the East-German and Czech Administrations
    Dr. Valérie Lozach

The Effects of Delegation on Bureaucratic Influence over Policy-making
Chair: Dr. Kutsal Yesilkagit
Discussants: Prof. Martin Lodge

Palais des congrès - 513c
Wednesday, July 23rd - 13:00-14:45


  • Autonomy: Agencification and the Diffusion of Twitter in the Government of Canada, 2008-2011
    Mr. Vincent Hopkins
  • Assessing the Effects of Organizational Reputation on Public Agency Outputs
    Prof. Moshe Maor, Dr. Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan
  • Rule-Making Autonomy of Regulatory Agencies in a Multilevel Governance System
    Dr. Kutsal Yesilkagit

Administrators at the Top (I): Recruitment Patterns, Career Paths and Role Perceptions of Senior Bureaucrats
Chair: Dr. Sylvia Veit
Co-Chair: Prof. John Halligan
Discussants: Prof. Bert Rockman

Palais des congrès - 516e
Wednesday, July 23rd - 15:00-16:45


  • Does Europeanization Affect the Selection of Top Officials in National Bureaucracies? A Longitudinal Perspective on Career Paths of the Administrative Elite in Germany
    Dr. Sylvia Veit, Dr. Tobias Bach
  • How Mediatization Affects Bureaucracy: Comparing Patterns of Changing Role Perceptions of Top Civil Servants
    Dr. Thurid Hustedt, Dr. Heidi Houlberg Salomonsen
  • Intersection of Positioning, Perceptions and Expectations of the Executive in Ghana’s Civil Service 
    Dr. Patrick Tandoh-Offin, Dr. Augustina Adusah-Karikari
  • Policy Facilitators, Technocrats or Managers? Role Perceptions of Senior Bureaucrats in Government Departments
    Prof. Eckhard Schroeter
  • Recruitment of Department Heads in Anglophone Countries: Changing Patterns, Continuities and Discontinuities
    Prof. John Halligan
  • The Mechanisms and Effects of Presidential Appointments
    Dr. Richard Waterman
  • Views from within the State: Brazilian Public Managers' Perceptions in the Last Twenty Years
    Miss Barbara Goulart

Administrators at the Top (II): Career Bureaucrats, Political Appointees and Trends of Politicization
Chair: Prof. Eckhard Schroeter
Co-Chair: Prof. Colin Campbell
Discussants: Prof. B. Guy Peters

Palais des congrès - 518c
Thursday, July 24th - 9:00-10:45


  • Bureaucratic Identity and the Resistance of Politicization
    Mr. Christopher Cooper
  • European Commission Cabinet Advisers and Policy Making
    Mr. Athanassios Gouglas, Prof. Marleen Brans
  • Senior Civil Service Politicization in the Netherlands: Cross-Time Insights from Survey Research
    Dr. Caspar F. van Den Berg
  • The Ways to the Top: Career Paths of High-Level Public Administrators in Brazil
    Mr. Daniel de Bonis
  • Towards a Common Professionalization of Politicians and Bureaucrats? An Analysis of Career Paths of Government Members and top Civil Servants in the German Federal States
    Prof. Werner Jann, Dr. Sylvia Veit
  • What Motivates Bureaucrats in High Places? Government Departments and Agencies Compared
    Mr. Joerg Roeber, Prof. Eckhard Schroeter

Organizing for Internal Security and Crisis Management
Chair: Dr. Per Lægreid
Discussants: Prof. Christopher Ansell

Palais des congrès - 518c
Thursday, July 24th - 11:00-12:45


  • Governance Capacity in Internal Security and Crisis Management: A Comparative Assessment of Central Government Arrangements
    Dr. Per Lægreid, Prof. Tom Christensen, Dr. Lise H. Rykkja
  • More Accountability, More Blame? the Role of Inquiry Committees after Homeland Security Crises
    Dr. Julia Fleischer
  • Reinventing the Organization of Consular Services in View of Global Domestication
    Prof. Martin Marcussen
  • The Politics of Collaboration in Philippine Metropolitan Disaster Governance
    Dr. Weena Gera