SOG Conferences

SOG Conference, Paris, May 22-25, 2008

«What do we learn about the transformations of the state in the age of multi-level governance?»

CERSA (National Center for Scientific Research and University Paris 2)
Organizers : Philippe Bezes and Nicole De Montricher (CNRS, CERSA)

The importance of globalization, decentralization, europeanization and state fragmentation has been studied by a large number of scholars in public administration and political science. In the litterature, the notion of “multi level governance” has captured the dominant idea of this trend by insisting on the emergence of new actors and organisations at international, transnational, Europan and local levels, by considering the inner state devolution and agencification and by shedding light on international processes reallocating authority between sovereign actors. In these configurations, the state is said to have lost part of its nodal position and some of its resources. Beyond agreement that multi level governance is now central, there is no consensus about the emergence of this situation and about the conditions under which the state has maintained or redesigned some of its capacities in multi-level games.