Autonomy and Regulation

Autonomy and Regulation. Coping with Agencies in the Modern State NEW BOOK

Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid, eds.
Autonomy and Regulation. Coping with Agencies in the Modern State.
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

This book focuses on regulatory reforms and the autonomization and agencification of public sector organizations across Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The central argument of the book is that regulation and agencification occur and perform in tandem. Comparative analysis on the processes, effects and implications of regulatory reform and the establishment of semi-independent agencies are undertaken, and the practice of trade-offs between political control and agency autonomy is explored. The contributors also discuss the challenges of fragmentation, coordination, 'joined-up' government and other government initiatives in the aftermath of the New Public Management movement and its focus on agencification. Finally, the complexity of deregulation/re-regulation, new emergent forms of regulation, control and auditing as well as reassertion of the centre are examined.

The book is based on the best papers form the conference "Autonomization of the state: From integrated administrative models to single purpose organizations" at Stanford University in April 2006, sponsored by the IPSA research Committe 27 Structure and Organization og Government and the Scandinavian Concortium of Organizational Research (SCANCOR) .

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